The Design Process from Start to Finish

Here at Juice, we love what we do. Sometimes, after receiving final designs, our clients say the whole process worked like magic. They told us what they wanted, we went to work, and an excellent design appeared. We love the enthusiasm but have to confess that we actually have a time-tested and client-approved process in […]

Five Qualities of a Great Logo

Your Business Needs a Logo Logos are the face of a company and the foundation of your brand identity. Some of the functions of a logo are to grab attention; to create a good first impression; to communicate brand values and additional meaning; and to distinguish you from the competition. But what makes a great logo? […]

How Your Color Choices Influence Your Branding

Much like the fonts you choose for your branding, color also plays a large role in supporting your brand’s identity. After all, colors are one of the first impressions any viewer will have of your brand. Colors create a vibrant, visual experience and have the power to attract attention, affect our emotions, and even subconsciously influence […]

4 Ways I Stay Inspired and Motivated as a Graphic Designer

As a designer, my creative juices are expected to flow all the time, and I need to be able to come up with creative content on the spot. As any creative knows, sometimes this isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be. I’m human and I have days, and sometimes weeks, where creativity doesn’t […]

Mood Boards: Good Vibes Only

Recently, I had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for one of our clients, and the way I typically like to start a larger scale, creative project is by creating a mood board. I think what comes to mind when people hear the term mood board is a visual display of different fabrics […]

The Big Picture – Developing Your Brand

The term “brand” seems to have become a bit of a buzz word lately. And for good reason. It’s easier than ever to reach potential customers. We’re surrounded by advertising messages every day, so you need a well-defined brand to help set your business apart from your competition. What is Branding? A brand is a set of marketing and […]

Marketing Tips Brought to Life for Your Business Event

Once you’ve decided you want to have a business event, there are some preliminary steps before you work on the marketing aspect. First, you need to make some key decisions about your event:  Who is your target audience? What is the primary goal for your event? Are there secondary goals for your event? Your answers […]

Supercharge Your Brand!

Companies can go years without changing the status quo of their branding. The life of your company changes, and so should your company’s branding. Five Reasons to Rebrand 1. Merger or Acquisition If your company is going to experience a merger or acquisition, there will be a multitude of changes that occur. As a result, […]

The Juice Story: We Said “Yes” to Rebranding

Once upon a time, a company named Juice was created. We were a company with three women, and we had one major industry source for our business. Over time, the services we offered expanded beyond graphic design to include print. Then we expanded our client base – we no longer served one industry but many. […]

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: 3 Rules for Company Branding

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but one of my favorite shows is “What Not to Wear” on TLC. I’ll stop quickly here to provide an overview for the uninitiated. The premise of the show is friends and family nominate a poor, hapless fashion-disaster soul to give up their entire wardrobe and be flown […]