3 Steps for Your Mid-year Reflection

reflect on goals

July is just around the corner and so is the second half of the year kickoff!

If you just groaned because you still have so much to accomplish, so many goals to achieve, and so many projects to complete (and even start), you are not alone. When we set our goals for the year, sometimes they are overly optimistic and sometimes there are roadblocks or fires that derail us. Even so, the mid-year mark is an excellent time for some reflection and to take stock.

3 Steps of Reflection

  1. Kudos – Remember to recognize what you have already achieved and accomplished this year!

  2. Reality Check – Look at your 2022 goals. Decide what should still be on your list for the rest of the year and if anything needs to be added.

  3. Mile Markers – Set realistic action items to achieve your goals.

Here’s to a successful second half! And as always, if the Juice team can help you with any of your goals, please reach out. We are here to help you!