Strong Brands are Good for Business

strong brands are good for business

One day, an entrepreneur had an amazing idea and started a business. Years went by, until one day, this person realized the logo and branding they once loved needed some TLC to stay current.

In a perfect world, we would recognize this moment on our own. Sometimes, we do, but even I admit that when a person on my team suggested it was time to revamp the original Juice logo – I was too close to it. Thankfully, she saw this need before it became glaringly obvious (thank you, Annie).

In most cases though, we often continue with our logo and branding until we hit what I call a why or when moment.

4 Big Why Reasons

  • There has been a change in your products and/or services.
  • You need to better connect with your audience.
  • Your business is going in a new direction.
  • Your look is outdated looking.

4 Big When Reasons

  • It’s a milestone anniversary.
  • You are changing the company name.
  • You are part of a merger or acquisition.
  • Your company is moving to a new location.

Your Strong Brand

Although this isn’t an extensive list, it showcases some of the triggers that lead to a new logo or maybe just new branding. These are helpful reminders to give your company’s logo and branding the fine tuning or new look it really needs. Staying current – not necessarily trendy – but timely is valuable to your brand, because strong brands are good for business.

When you are encountering a why or when reason, or if you have an Annie in your life, let’s have a conversation together.

P.S. I quickly fell in love with that new Juice logo, and when I would look at the prior logo, I was so thankful we took the leap!