Rebranding your business.

Is it time to tune up your company’s brand? Rebranding doesn’t have to be scary! Your brand is here to visually represent your company from the inside out. It’s meant to help efficiently communicate to your target audience about who you are as a business. This process usually involves a new visual representation of your company. A fresh logo design that gives the brand a face is a great place to start. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways we can achieve this!

What is your brand personality like? How has it changed?

Before we get into the visuals, it’s important to clearly note any changes in your audience and characteristics of your brand.

  • Who is your Target Audience? Has this evolved and grown? Stay curious about who you are marketing towards. Make note of how or if this has changed for your company. It can play a big roll in how you visually represent your brand. 

  • Make a list of characteristics! This can be simple words you use to describe what your brand is now like or what you consistently want to communicate to your audience. For example: The words friendly and helpful to describe a home care company or the words bold and precise to describe a law firm organization. This list can then help you curate visual inspiration for your logo and so much more.

What kind of logo do you envision?

If you don’t have a clear idea in mind, that’s ok. That’s what marketing and design firms like Juice are for! Logos can be text only, text and a graphical element or even just an icon. It’s wise to keep it simple yet meaningful to catch the viewers attention.

  • Create a mood board! Collect any colors, shapes, text or imagery together that evoke your businesses rebrand personality. Make connections from the words on your list to the mood board. This will even help the designer bring your logo to life and set you up for success in the long run with your website, handouts or business cards!

Remind yourself it takes time.

Exchanging old imagery for the new, redoing a website and changing documents can be an overwhelming process. Take it project by project, day by day — It doesn’t all happen at once. It may even be the smartest to first use up any print documents you have left with old branding before you use the new! Don’t sweat it, with time your rebrand will be in full effect! 

Lastly, get the support you need! 

Hire the right person for your needs. Someone who values you and your business, exceeds your expectations and honors their word. At Juice, we are with you the whole way and then some!