A Bird, Birthday & Beginning

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The swallow bird is extremely agile. Throughout the years and cultures, it has held many meanings. One of those is being open to going beyond your comfort zone. I think every business owner ends up doing that many times throughout their adventure. This quote from James Clear says it so well … “Balancing success and […]

3 Ways Blogging Can Benefit Your Business

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Blogging can benefit your business in many ways. But if you are considering a blog for your business, here are three positives to consider from the start. 1. Blogging is great for improving organic search engine optimization, or SEO. If a potential client has a question about something in your industry, chances are good that […]

Make Memorable Connections: Say Thank You

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Thank you means so much. When you thank someone verbally, via text, or in an email, it’s a nice gesture, but when you send a thank you note, it means so much more. Let’s take gift giving as an example … Have you ever mailed a gift to someone and never heard from them at […]

10 Tips for Professional Business Cards Everyone Will Love

Professional business cards are extremely important. They represent so much more than just your phone number or email address. From making a first impression to helping your potential clients understand your business at a glance, your business cards serve many purposes. So, what makes a good business card? How can you make sure you’re harnessing […]

Stand-out Social Media: Residential Cleaning

We all realize it’s important for our businesses to be well-represented on social media. But for many business owners, a great social media presence falls low on the list of priorities simply because it’s hard to find the time to put together an effective plan. It doesn’t have to be this way, though! Fight overwhelm […]

Celebrating Eleven Years of Juice: The Steel Anniversary

Forged steel is created under extreme pressure. It forms a strong substance that is used to create all types of materials. As people and companies, we all undergo types of pressure through our journeys. I have. Juice has. You have. Your company has. In reflecting on Juice’s 11th birthday and steel being the material used […]

Rolling into Fourth Quarter Like …

Fourth quarter is almost here. If you are like many businesses in 2020, the standard flow of the year did not occur. Most of us know when to expect crazy busy, steady, and quiet moments in the cycle of our businesses. This year threw that right out of the window! 3 Ideas to Get You […]

How to Express Appreciation While Working Remotely

It’s abundantly clear—2020 has not shaped up to meet anyone’s expectations! When we rang in the new year in January, very few of us expected to be navigating the challenges of an ongoing pandemic many months later. Nevertheless, here we are, working hard, innovating and discovering new solutions for challenging situations. The Rise of Working […]

The Love Business

In today’s world, consideration of others is a valuable commodity. With that in mind, I give you: the love business. 1. Listen Whether you are across the table from a client, on the phone with a customer, or reading an email, listen. Be there for the person who is communicating with you so you can […]

6 Tips for an Amazing Fourth Quarter

It’s time to plan for your company’s amazing fourth quarter. Really? Yes, really. It may be July, but if you want to be prepared for a strong finish to 2019, now is the time to plan. Every business is different – some have a strong fourth quarter and others lose strength in the last quarter […]