anchor marketing

What's an anchor?

An anchor is a heavy weight that connects a boat to the land below the water so it is secured from drifting. An anchor can also be someone/something that gives you support — an anchor in your life. There are many definitions for the word anchor, but let’s focus on the marketing techniques of anchoring.

Familiar Anchor Marketing

Here are three quick examples of how anchor marketing can be utilized.

  1. An anchor can be a large business that attracts customers. Then the smaller, nearby businesses benefit from that traffic for their own store.
  2. Popular shows on a streaming service can be the anchors that bring in customers. Then they watch other shows on that same service.
  3. On news shows, there are anchors that are the draw, so you watch/listen to that newscast.

Using an Anchor in Content Marketing

In this sense, you use content that connects everything and provides weight. This creates interest and helps engagement. By taking this approach, you have a better opportunity of being seen through the noise of so many ads, posts, stories, and more.

  • Your anchor might happen once a quarter as your foundation. It’s about the quality of your message rather than the quantity of your content.
  • It should be written with specific people in mind. Do that rather than taking an “I’m writing this for anyone who will read it” approach.
  • The ultimate hook is that your anchor content is something people will want to share.

Your Social Media Strategy

Do you produce social media content because you have to get enough content in the world? Or are you developing a social media strategy that includes anchor content? If you’ve been immersed in the first scenario, it’s time to take a deep breath and dig deep like a true anchor.