New Year, New Small Business

Does your small business feel like you’ve gone off course? Or are you ready to head a new direction? Here are some ways to get some fresh perspective to help you focus in, get your arrow pointing in the right direction, and get things moving forward in the new year.

Lead from the Heart

Your heart is your moral compass. The struggle is real when we lose sight of why we are doing what we do. Sometimes we get so caught up on what needs to get accomplished that we forget why we are going down this path in the first place. Let the passion of your heart fuel your business endeavors and lead the way. Start by getting intentional again about why you do what you do. Make a list or journal about it. It’s sure to help you get back on track and restore your passion for what you do!

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” –Rumi


Make Genuine Connections

This may seem obvious, but connecting with others can be the most contagious way to get your business growing! People love to talk and if you love what you do and lead from the heart, you will surely connect with the right people in the right places. There are many different paths to creating meaningful connections such as networking, getting involved in your community, engaging in social media, and more. You can begin by connecting with Juice! We are happy to help you get moving and accompany you along the journey. 

“Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued.” –Brenè Brown


Strive to be Flexible

Life is full of twists and turns, especially in the small business realm. Your direction may point west one day then east the next. The only constant in our lives is change. Whether it’s a new perspective, new website, or even a new store, change is inevitable. Yet, how you move through it is your choice. Remind yourself that change is healthy and all a part of the growing process! If you choose to look at change as a normal thing for your business you will move through it with more grace and peace of mind, finding nice surprises on the journey. 

“All things change. Cultivate flexibility rather than perfection.” –Jewel

Keep your heart open, connect with others, and stay flexible!

Let Juice know when you need help directing or redirecting your small business. We would be honored to be with you as you navigate in the right direction.