woman at desk setting goals

We are so close to the middle of the year! When you realize that, do you pat yourself on the back because you’ve accomplished so much in the first half of the year? Do you cringe a bit thinking about how far behind you are on your big goals? Or maybe a little of both? It may be time for a mid-year reset.

Take the pressure off and write down a few plans in pencil … make room to dream while also creating space for change. -Morgan Harper Nichols

If you’re anything like me, you have a longer-than-realistic to-do list. So, accomplishing big goals in the midst of the everyday may feel impossible. Instead, try this.

Bite-sized Approach to Your Goals

  1. Without looking at your list, ask yourself … if I could accomplish three big projects/goals for my business before the end of the year, what would they be? Write them down.

  2. Now, for the first one, what are three realistic action steps for each month and/or quarter to make that happen?

  3. Repeat this step for the other two projects/goals.

  4. Use your calendar to schedule these action steps or use a project management system like Asana (or whatever approach works for you), to schedule the action steps so you can succeed.

Everything else on your long to-do list will still be there, but by scheduling/planning how to address the big goals for your business, you will have a clear approach to really make them happen.

As always, if we may be of help for any of the big projects, please reach out to us. A new logo or rebrand, a new website, or implementing social media marketing and/or blogging may all seem daunting on your own, but with Juice, you’ll have your go-to team ready and honored to help.