Mid-year Check-in Questions

Surprise! It’s almost July. Weren’t we celebrating the new year yesterday? Did it sneak up on you, too? Funny how that happens. Don’t sweat it! So many factors in our lives are out of our control. Here are some check-in questions to help you do a mid-year review and reset.

What things are you most proud of accomplishing so far?

⇒ Big or small. They both matter. Make a list of anything that comes to mind! I bet you the list will be longer than you think. 

What is most important about the way you live and work?

⇒ Come back to your values and what drives you. When we refocus and live with purpose, the world moves with us. 

Is there a different way you can organize your time so you can focus on what is important?

⇒ Work to consciously organize your time so it revolves around what matters to you. Work smarter, not harder. 

It’s normal for outcomes to take longer than we hope. Stay with it, readjust as needed, and trust in the process. If you need help in the process, Juice is always here. Cheers to the rest of the year! You got this.