A Blog About … Blogs

A blog is a great business tool. When done well, your business’s blog will address the needs of your clients through timely and applicable posts. It can reach potential clients and consistently draw attention to all you offer. When your blog continues to provide excellent content, others begin to look to you as an expert in your industry—and that means they’ll call you when they need help!

Reasons You Should Consider Having a Blog

A blog demonstrates to potential and current clients that you’re active in your industry. People don’t want to partner with those who have let their businesses grow stagnant. Consistent blog posts keep your website fresh. When you blog about topics of interest to your clients, it communicates that you’re growing, thriving and involved in your field.

A blog reaches potential clients and customers you wouldn’t otherwise be able to contact. Geography used to limit the reach of a business. With current technology, this is often no longer the case. To increase your reach and build your client base, try blogging to connect with others who may not live in your community but could still benefit from the products or services you provide.

A blog proves that you’re trustworthy. When you regularly feature quality content on your blog, all who read it come to know you as an expert in your subject matter. They feel comfortable reaching out to you with questions, and you’re able to continue the conversation.

A blog has serious SEO power. Possibly one of the most appealing reasons to blog – search engines love them! Your blogs should answer questions people are searching related to your industry, such as “What goes into a new flooring estimate?” or “How to Achieve Balance and Peace.” Search engines love to serve up quick, easy answers. It’s also important to show search engines that you are continually adding information to your website. You get bonus points for keeping your content fresh, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through blogging.

If a blog sounds like a great fit for your business, Juice’s May special is just for you! When you sign up for a website created by Juice, we’ll make sure you have an excellent blog page to go along with it. We’ll include three blog posts made up of a quality graphic and at least 300 words about a topic of your choice when you partner with us for your website creation. Not sure what to blog about? We’ll help you figure that out too!

Contact us today to get started. We’d love to see your business flourish online!