A Blog About … Blogs

A blog is a great business tool. When done well, your business’s blog will address the needs of your clients through timely and applicable posts. It can reach potential clients and consistently draw attention to all you offer. When your blog continues to provide excellent content, others begin to look to you as an expert […]

3 Key Benefits of Snail Mail

It may seem like email marketing is more effective than physical mailing because so much of our lives take place online, but this isn’t always true! Think about how many marketing emails come to your inbox each day. How many of those do you open? How many do you remember at the end of a […]

Small Business Week 2018

Juice Marketing and Design is honored to partner with some of the best businesses across a broad range of industries, from esteemed law firms to healthcare professionals and many more. During Small Business Week, we want to highlight a few of our clients and show off some of the myriad of ways they add value […]

Grit + WhiteSpace

Last week, Joyce shared her insights from the first day of the Global Leadership Summit. Now it’s my turn to talk about day two and my main takeaways. Grit As a team, we’ve been reading Grit by Angela Duckworth, so I was very excited to learn she’d be speaking. According to Duckworth, what she calls […]

Marketing Lingo 101

Joyce and I joke that my role at Juice could often accurately be described as “translator” – and I love it. I don’t speak a legitimate second language but like to think I’m an expert in Juice Lingo. Can we agree that counts as speaking say, 1.125 languages? 1.25 on a good day? Throughout my […]

3 Somewhat Easy Ways to Unstick Your Marketing

As a business owner, so much of your time, energy, and heart are invested in its success. Since it is so close to your heart, it can be difficult to know where to go next with your marketing – even harder to look past your own vision for your company’s marketing to consider someone else’s. That’s Why […]

Behind-the-Scenes: Tools Juice Couldn’t Live Without – Part Two

Today, we’ll continue our behind-the-scenes look at the tools that keep our juices flowing. Last time, I talked about the wonderful instant messaging software we use, HipChat®. Next, I’ll share what is undeniably the most integral part of our workflow. Meet Asana®. Asana is a bright and airy web-based project management software that is also […]

Behind-the-Scenes: Tools Juice Couldn’t Live Without – Part One

Juice uses many tools to keep us on track, communicating and productive. In an effort to share some of the knowledge we’ve gained, we’d like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the tools that keep our juices flowing. So without further ado, may we introduce our great friend HipChat®. HipChat is an instant […]

5 Ways to Lose Followers, FAST!

You worked hard to get the followers you have on social media. Don’t push them away! Here are five quick and easy ways to do just that. 1. GET CONTROVERSIAL We all know people who thrive on healthy debate. While there is nothing wrong with this in the personal realm there are certain hot-button issues […]

#Hashtag101: That’s not a pound sign

My mom is a fantastic, bubbly, people person. Needless to say, she has enjoyed her jump into the world of social media over the last few years. Because of her background in marketing, I’ve tried to get her interested in Twitter, Instagram and starting a blog, but Facebook seems to be the only outlet that has really […]