6 Tips for an Amazing Fourth Quarter

It’s time to plan for your company’s amazing fourth quarter. Really? Yes, really. It may be July, but if you want to be prepared for a strong finish to 2019, now is the time to plan.

Every business is different – some have a strong fourth quarter and others lose strength in the last quarter of the year. Both situations require planning now so you can maximize those last three months of 2019.

Intensified Effort

Getting a potential customer’s attention takes effort. Add in the holiday season when people are shopping, going to parties, and getting pulled in many directions, and that effort needs to be intensified.Guess who else gets busy in their own lives during the holidays? You and your team! There’s vacation time, the actual days your company is closed during the holidays, family in from out of town, and seasonal colds on top of it all.

Top Five Tips

Take the time now to put your plan together. Where should your focus be? How should you maximize the limited time?

  1. Determine if you are on target for year-end
  2. Pivot as needed and prioritize your goals
  3. Look at what was effective this year and what worked last fourth quarter
  4. Be on the lookout for new opportunities
  5. Coordinate with your team and establish accountability

Make your fourth quarter the best quarter of 2019. That happens by taking the time now to plan so when it arrives, you’ve laid the groundwork and are ready to fully engage your plan.

Tip #6

Part of successful planning is #6: determining how to delegate so you can focus on the areas only you can do. We invite you to delegate to Juice. We are happy to assist when and how you need us from holiday cards (design, print and mail) to a new website to your next marketing project, big or small.

Here’s to your successful fourth quarter!