For Your Business Card Pleasure.

a person handing another their business card - part of the blog about business card design and printing

Designing and printing your business card doesn’t need to be complicated. With the right components, you have a “handshake” on a nice, small piece of paper … literally. It’s your brand. It’s your mini billboard. Easy to keep with you. Simple for someone to keep and remember you. The three magical elements to nail down […]

Why I Love Graphic Design

Over 10 years ago, I had no idea I wanted to get into graphic design. I knew I was creative but wasn’t sure where to go with that. It took some exploring, asking help from a college counselor, and then stumbling upon it to discover I really enjoy it. Reflecting on the journey that led […]

3 Somewhat Easy Ways to Unstick Your Marketing

As a business owner, so much of your time, energy, and heart are invested in its success. Since it is so close to your heart, it can be difficult to know where to go next with your marketing – even harder to look past your own vision for your company’s marketing to consider someone else’s. That’s Why […]

Supercharge Your Brand!

Companies can go years without changing the status quo of their branding. The life of your company changes, and so should your company’s branding. Five Reasons to Rebrand 1. Merger or Acquisition If your company is going to experience a merger or acquisition, there will be a multitude of changes that occur. As a result, […]

The Juice Story: We Said “Yes” to Rebranding

Once upon a time, a company named Juice was created. We were a company with three women, and we had one major industry source for our business. Over time, the services we offered expanded beyond graphic design to include print. Then we expanded our client base – we no longer served one industry but many. […]

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: 3 Rules for Company Branding

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but one of my favorite shows is “What Not to Wear” on TLC. I’ll stop quickly here to provide an overview for the uninitiated. The premise of the show is friends and family nominate a poor, hapless fashion-disaster soul to give up their entire wardrobe and be flown […]

Branded: Part Three – Business Cards

OK, so you’ve decided to get branded and you’ve hired a professional designer to develop your logo. Now it’s time to start creating your visual brand identity through your printed and online presence. An essential tool in your marketing toolkit is your business card. Going Paperless I’ve been asked if business professionals really still need a printed […]

Branded: Logos, the Face of Your Business (Part 2 of 5)

Situation: You have managed to get your foot in the door with your dream client and the meeting is set. You’ve prepared your presentation, done your research, have answers ready and are energized to promote your company with confidence that you are the best solution for this potential client’s needs. Do you show up to […]

How Denny’s Reinvented Itself Through Positioning (And How You Can Too!)

I’m Eric Hicks, Director of Internet Marketing with Juice Marketing and Design. I help business owners feel proud of their websites! Today, I’m going to deviate from giving out great website and online marketing advice and tell you a story about how Denny’s (the restaurant chain) used good old marketing savvy to reinvent itself, subsequently […]

Branded: Setting Yourself Apart (Part 1 of 5)

Do I really need a brand for my business? As creative director, I find myself getting asked that question frequently. It comes from both new business owners of start-ups as well as seasoned owners who have been in business for years. The answer is always “YES!” But Why? Establishing a brand for your business shows […]