Branded: Setting Yourself Apart (Part 1 of 5)

Do I really need a brand for my business?

As creative director, I find myself getting asked that question frequently. It comes from both new business owners of start-ups as well as seasoned owners who have been in business for years. The answer is always “YES!”

But Why?

Establishing a brand for your business shows you’re invested. I don’t just mean financially, but emotionally, physically … this allows your passion for what you do shine through. What makes you get up and do what you do every day? What intrinsic pleasure do you derive from helping your clients benefit from your products or services? By allowing a professional design and marketing team to translate that visually and in writing via your marketing materials, you showcase the talents you possess that enable you to run your business successfully and reach your target market in a profound way.

Whether you are opening your doors for the first time, or you’ve been going in and out of them for more than 20 years … you need a brand. At a minimum, every business should have the following professionally-created marketing:

  • logo
  • business cards
  • brochure/handout that provides a brief bio and overview of products or services
  • website (must be mobile-friendly!)

In my following blogs, I’m going to dive into each of those pieces deeper, discussing reasons why they’re necessary and tips for making them successful. As far as establishing a brand, these four marketing tools build that for a business. They lay the foundation, and anything further builds a stronger, more appealing house. You’ll learn how a deeply thought-out brand – well-designed and targeted for your audience – will create the following for your business:
– a consistent, visual identity that is easily recognized and remembered
– showcase your professionalism, education and experience
– put you a step above the competition

One last thought …

Remember how I said even seasoned business owners need a brand? We have a client in business for more than 20 years, but never invested in professionally-designed marketing materials. After creating a brand with us, this client reports back that his business has grown to where he has hired employees, made stronger referral relationships and has even received comments about “how professional and experienced” he looks now. Do people judge a book by its cover? In business, yes they do! So make your cover look better than the other books on the shelf!