Supercharge Your Brand!

Companies can go years without changing the status quo of their branding. The life of your company changes, and so should your company’s branding.

Five Reasons to Rebrand

1. Merger or Acquisition

If your company is going to experience a merger or acquisition, there will be a multitude of changes that occur. As a result, it’s a good time to do the rebranding as well. Think of AT&T Wireless and Cingular … AT&T was known for its blue and white globe. Cingular was known for its bright orange branding. What they did was utilize both the blue and the orange in their rebrand.

2. Growth

When your company has experienced growth, your current branding may limit you. You need a brand that defines who you are now. Companies that take the time to examine how the growth has changed them can take the next step toward rebranding and make their look reflect who they’ve become.

3. Get with the Times

Rebranding is overdue when you look at your logo and/or branding and realize it dates you. It’s important for your clients/customers/patients to see you in the right light … whether that’s a knowledge resource, an exceptional supplier of products, an amazing service provider, or all of the above.

4. New Strategy or Products/Services

The strategy you had as a company originally, as well as the products/services you offered, may have changed over time. With those changes, you need to re-examine your look as a company and determine if it still identifies you correctly. You want to provide a connection between your look and who you are.

5. New/Expanded Audience

The times they are a-changing. Whether the changing times expand your audience or you realize there’s a new silo you should be reaching, those situations call for some time to evaluate how you look across the board. Take the time to determine if your logo and/or branding hits the mark for your full audience and take the appropriate steps to make sure it does.

When You Say “Yes” to the Rebrand

You’re moving forward. Lots to do … examine who you are as a company now and what you want to communicate with your new look. Then it’s time to enlist the professionals to make your new logo and branding come to life for you effectively! [By the way, I know a great team that can help you do that.]