Joyce and I joke that my role at Juice could often accurately be described as “translator” – and I love it. I don’t speak a legitimate second language but like to think I’m an expert in Juice Lingo. Can we agree that counts as speaking say, 1.125 languages? 1.25 on a good day?

Throughout my client communications, I’ve run across some terminology that seems to often be used interchangeably or need clarification. Below are a few of those sticky words, including how they’re often misused and then our actual definition in the world of marketing.

**Disclaimer: Before you read any further please know, the following is intended for educational purposes only and not to, in any way, make you feel silly. It is my job to just “know what you mean” and I find it incredibly fun. I feel better now. Please proceed.**

/ˈflīər/ • noun

1. client definition: any marketing piece, ever. used to describe everything from a magazine ad to a Constant Contact® email.

2. juice definition: 8.5” x 11” (letter sized) printed informational handout. includes more copy than an ad and is intended to be distributed as a standalone piece. provided as a PDF for short-run, in-house printing or printed professionally. plural: flyers.

/ad/ • noun

1. client definition: opportunity to include as much information as possible, in as little space as possible. needs to “pop.” also spelled “add.”

2. juice definition: concise, attention-grabbing communication to be used in print or online mediums. size and file type specifications from the publisher are required.

/ˈvektər/ • noun

1. client definition: ever-elusive, arguably mythical, version of my logo that vendors ask for but I can’t ever locate.

2. juice definition: editable version of your logo created with paths instead of pixels, allowing for scaling without pixelation. files ending in: .AI, .EPS, .SVG, .DRW

These are just a few examples of words that are often misunderstood, but that is why we’re here! To help you navigate the, sometimes confusing, world of marketing. We’re experts on things like vector vs. raster so that you can be an expert in whole life insurance vs. term life, FHA vs. conventional mortgages, salt vs. chlorine pools. You get the picture.