3 Guideposts to Social Media from a Graphic Designer’s POV

guideposts for social media from a designer's point of view

Social media can become so over saturated and overwhelming. What colors, themes, imagery, or wording do I use? When do I post? How often? The questions can go on and on …

Follow along with me, Juice’s graphic designer, for some guideposts to social media. We’ll take it one step at a time and help you to envision how approachable this process can be.

Guidepost 1: Strive for quality and consistency.

Let’s start with clear messaging. Quality over quantity is the name of the game. Too much copy or posting too much will overwhelm a viewer and stray their attention elsewhere. Keep it on topic, short and sweet. With imagery, colors and graphics in mind as well, keep it consistent with your brand. These tactics organically build trust and loyalty within your audience.  

Guidepost 2: Keep focused on your audience.

Always connect back to the intent of your company, your mission, or current campaign messaging. While doing so, also ask questions such as, why is this important to share with my audience? It needs to connect with your followers and build interest. Purposeful messaging and design/imagery also will give your company personality, making your clients want to interact with you.

Guidepost 3: Hire a professional. 

Work smarter, not harder. Remind yourself you can’t do it all. You’re only one person who can’t wear all the hats. Juice will gladly wear this hat for you … we’ll work with you and for you. From developing a social media marketing plan to designing, posting and boosting — you name it. Reach out to us for your social media needs. We’re here to help you build awareness and interest.