A Rollercoaster & an Entrepreneur

Rollercoaster & Entrepreneur 111621

There are highs and lows with most rollercoasters, and the same happens when you are an entrepreneur. Sometimes, that amazing idea you and your team brought to life, really takes off. Sometimes, you have a situation that burns in your mind more than it should. It truly can be a rollercoaster. So after 12 years […]

Word of the Year: 2022

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One word. One word that can apply to multiple areas of your life. One word that sets the tone and provides focus for your 2022. Your word is not a goal, but rather a reminder. -Joyce How to Choose Your Word of the Year There are so many ways you can select your word of […]

3 Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Better

A Better Wordpress Website

A popular question I receive … what’s one thing I can do to make my WordPress website better? You’re in luck because I’m going to give you three! 😊 1. Get ADA Compliant This may sound more difficult than it is, but thankfully, companies like UserWay provide WordPress sites with a simple plugin. Your big […]

Make Memorable Connections: Say Thank You

Thank You Note 052421

Thank you means so much. When you thank someone verbally, via text, or in an email, it’s a nice gesture, but when you send a thank you note, it means so much more. Let’s take gift giving as an example … Have you ever mailed a gift to someone and never heard from them at […]

2021 Word of the Year

When something becomes popular, such as claiming your word for the year, I tend to deviate my course. I went through that internal conversation for my 2020 word, but obviously, choosing a word won. 🙂 2020: The Current Year Take time to evaluate your current year before you set your intention for the new year. […]

Celebrating Eleven Years of Juice: The Steel Anniversary

Forged steel is created under extreme pressure. It forms a strong substance that is used to create all types of materials. As people and companies, we all undergo types of pressure through our journeys. I have. Juice has. You have. Your company has. In reflecting on Juice’s 11th birthday and steel being the material used […]

Rolling into Fourth Quarter Like …

Fourth quarter is almost here. If you are like many businesses in 2020, the standard flow of the year did not occur. Most of us know when to expect crazy busy, steady, and quiet moments in the cycle of our businesses. This year threw that right out of the window! 3 Ideas to Get You […]

Everything is Figureoutable

The Juice team just finished another great book together: Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. Enjoy this collection of quotes that captivated us!  

Social Media: Make it Work

A common question we receive: “How do you make social media work if I was a client?” Here is some insight into understanding how social media comes together for our clients. Many business owners realize that taking care of social media pulls them away from the work that only they can do. Take the social […]