Branding: All Tied Up with a Pretty Bow

branding your business

The Gift Box

When it comes to branding, which gift box do you present to the world?

branding style 1A. My website has not been updated in the past nine years. Instead, I just enjoy what does look good for my business. I do get great feedback on my business cards!

branding style 2

B. I have an excellent social media presence for my business because I share fun memes!

branding style 3

C. My website, business cards, and rack cards all coordinate. I present a cohesive message and visual representation to anyone I meet or who finds me online.

branding style 4

D. I know my marketing should match, but I liked these colors for my business card. When I was getting my website created, I liked these other colors. So what? No one pays attention about them not matching.

Branding Matters

When your business consumes your time, you may opt to worry about your branding another day. The challenge in taking that approach is that people may lose interest in your business before you even knew they were a potential customer/client.

What is portrayed to the world is their first glimpse at your company. I often joke about showing up at a meeting in a bathrobe and slippers rather than professionally dressed for the occasion. Your business needs to be professionally dressed for every occasion. 

So if answers A, B or D are a bit too close to home, we would be honored to transform your company’s branding into answer C. May the wrapped box reflect how amazing your business is!


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