A Rollercoaster & an Entrepreneur

Rollercoaster & Entrepreneur 111621

There are highs and lows with most rollercoasters, and the same happens when you are an entrepreneur. Sometimes, that amazing idea you and your team brought to life, really takes off. Sometimes, you have a situation that burns in your mind more than it should. It truly can be a rollercoaster. So after 12 years of riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, here are some thoughts …

Rollercoaster Assumptions & Entrepreneur Reality

When you want to ride a new rollercoaster, there are some basic assumptions you have already made.

  1. You may be energized with anticipation.
  2. You may have to patiently wait in line.
  3. You may or may not get the exact seat you want no matter how fast you race to the car.
  4. You will have to follow safety protocols.
  5. You may have a buddy next to you for moral support or shared enjoyment.
  6. There will be slow moments building up to the big moments on the ride.
  7. Your body may be slung around even with the constraints.
  8. The momentum after descents or loops will carry you for a bit.
  9. You may think it was the best ride ever, not worth the hype, or somewhere in between.
  10. You may feel totally thrilled with the ride and/or you may have physical ailments after it.
  11. You may or may not want to get on the ride again.
  12. You might love the ride so much that you rave about it to others!

Anyone who is an entrepreneur may quickly note the similarities of riding a rollercoaster and being an entrepreneur.

  1. You may be energized by the journey.
  2. You may have to be patient as everything comes together (before you open, roll out a new program, etc.).
  3. You may or may not reach the level of success you envision as quickly as you thought.
  4. You should be ethical, dependable, relentless, delegate …
  5. You should have someone with whom you can bounce ideas and who can help you stay accountable.
  6. You will learn the cycle of your business – its quieter moments and busier moments.
  7. You will be mentally and emotionally bounced around on this ride.
  8. The successes will carry you for a bit, but you always need to be looking ahead, strategizing, and preparing for what’s next.
  9. You may realize that you love being an entrepreneur, that you don’t like being in that role, or something in between.
  10. You may wake up in the morning ready to hit the day running or you may be up at night thinking about how to resolve a problem.
  11. You may want to finish the ride and then do it again, or you may realize that the ride on the other side of the park might be an even better experience for you.
  12. You may love being an entrepreneur so much that you help others navigate the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

An Exhilarating Ride

Other rollercoaster-like comparisons are probably coming to mind for you as well, and I would love to hear some of your comparisons!

Now, wherever you are on your entrepreneurial rollercoaster — in line getting everything ready to start your new business, filled with excitement after a client’s testimonial, a bit anxious from overthinking, or anywhere along this ride, I wish you grit, energy, creativity, joy, vision, and more. It’s an exhilarating ride!