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One word. One word that can apply to multiple areas of your life. One word that sets the tone and provides focus for your 2022.

Your word is not a goal, but rather a reminder. -Joyce

How to Choose Your Word of the Year

There are so many ways you can select your word of the year. Here are just a few …

  • You may keep seeing one word repeatedly – in stores, in a book you’re reading, in an article, etc. It is making itself known to you!
  • You may brainstorm a handful of words that resonate with you. Think on each one, and then choose the one that represents you best for 2022.
  • You may try one of the many word-of-the-year generators online – just Google it. There are plenty!

Words of Inspiration

Here’s another way to help you with your word for 2022. There are 50 words here for you to read through and see if one calls to you. I find when I take this approach, there are usually two or three words that pop for me, but one in particular is saying, “choose me!”

Word of the Year ideas

Reflecting Back

If you’ve chosen a word in prior years, take a moment to reflect on your past words. This is something I enjoy, and you may too. In 2014, I began this personal journey of selecting a word for the year. Over the years, I’ve had words such as rise, hope, breathe, and thrive. This past year’s word was appreciate, in all its many meanings such as appreciate the moments, appreciate (grow) Juice, … you get the idea.

My 2022 Word of the Year

Now that we are into fourth quarter, my mind starts wondering what should 2022’s word be? My word for 2022 is connected …
Connected to family and friends
Connected to Juice – our team, clients, contractors, and providers
Connected to myself
Connected to God

All these connections are an integral part of my life and its journey. I hope to strengthen my connection with each of my relationships in 2022.

I’d love to know what word will set the tone for your 2022!