Global Leadership Summit – 2018 Highlights

Inspiration from some excellent speakers on leadership!

Craig Groeschel
  • Those who you lead should feel valued, inspired and empowered.
  • As a leader, you need a heart to care, passion to inspire, and willingness to empower.
  • Appreciate your team more than you think you should, then double it!
  • Use “I notice …” and “You matter …”
  • Delegate decisions: “I trust you, you decide.” Your team should be making at least 75% of the decisions, and as the leader, you should be making the other 25%.
Juliet Funt
  • An environment that is too comfortable may be detrimental in a work environment.
  • Watch for these blind spots: conformity, communication, control, and compliance.
  • Break the conformity cycle and take one small safe contrary action.
  • 2D content (yes/no, quick answers) should be communicated through 2D mediums (email, IM) whereas 3D content (open-ended questions, discussions) should be communicated through 3D mediums (in person, conference calls, video chat).
Rasmus Ankersen
  • A successful year doesn’t mean that if you keep everything the same that you’ll have more years of success. Always question your success.
  • Comfort should not be more important than improvement.
  • Stay relevant, see wider, and keep working.
Erwin McManus
  • How many times have we failed because we quit instead of pushing ourselves to reach more?
  • Lean into what you may be afraid of so you can crash through those fears. Your freedom is on the other side of your fears. Your greatness is on the other side of pain.
  • Your faith doesn’t make life easier, it makes you stronger.
Dr. Nthabiseng Legoete
  • Beware of the noise caused by lack of structure, etc. and resolve those challenges so you don’t lose your why through all that noise.
  • Be flexible on how you get to your goal. Changing the how doesn’t mean you let go of the what or the why.
  • Just because you have a solution to a problem doesn’t mean things will go smoothly. Challenges should not be a deterrent but should spur us on.
  • Determine your bottom line statements and use them to ground decisions. Put things through this filter to remove what you shouldn’t do so you can focus on the work that accomplishes your why.
Simon Sinek
  • Finite players play to win. Infinite players play to continue – there’s only ahead or behind, and the only competitor is yourself.
  • Lead an infinite game: a just cause with trusting teams and a worthy rival using flexibility and courage to lead.
  • A worthy rival is someone who exists to make you better (not a competition).
  • Be willing to do painful things in the short term for long-term gain.

The two-day conference was filled with valuable info, and no doubt if you asked five people what their takeaways were, you’d receive five different answers. There were also more speakers than I’ve included here, but I hope something in the nuggets I’ve shared resonates with you. Here’s to excellent leadership!