3 Benefits of Physical Mailing (That Don’t Exist with Email)

It may seem like email marketing is more effective than physical mailing because so much of our lives take place online, but this isn’t always true! Think about how many marketing emails come to your inbox each day. How many of those do you open? How many do you remember at the end of a busy day?

Here are three reasons why a physical mailing may be a refreshing marketing option for your business.

1. Mailings Don’t Require an Opt-In

To send marketing emails, it’s imperative that businesses utilize an opt-in process before individuals receive information. This step relies on the individual, who may or may not be interested in continuing contact. With direct mailing, though, it’s not necessary for the recipient to sign up. If you’ve done your marketing research, there’s a good chance the individuals you reach through your mailings will be interested in the products and services you have to offer.

2. Mailings Reach More than the Intended Recipient

This is especially true in an office environment. A piece of mail on someone’s desk or pinned to a bulletin board in the break room will reach a wide audience. Even if a person moves on from a company, the mail will simply be passed along to the next person in the position. This isn’t an opportunity we have with email, since those will start bouncing back once the email address is discontinued.

3. Mailings Provide Immediate Information at a Glance

There’s not a ton of space available to make an immediate impact with email. You have the subject line and maybe the first sentence or two to grab a person’s attention and prove why your information is worth their time. Mail recipients often skim the entire piece as soon as it comes out of the mailbox.

If you utilize excellent copy and design, your recipients will understand what you do and why they need what you offer. No need to convince them using only six words and an emoji in a subject line! Use the physical quality and the cohesive design of a beautiful mailing to speak for you.

What do you think? When’s the last time you mailed a postcard or other marketing piece to current or potential clients? If you think you’d like to give it a try, contact us here at Juice! We love helping you discover new methods to reach your clients, and we’d be happy to help you get started.