Eight years brings lots of lessons learned as a business owner. It’s good to see what works and what doesn’t, because without testing the waters, you may miss an amazing opportunity. Being a small business owner comes with its risks and its rewards – the balance of those keeps it interesting. Although there are probably 88 lessons learned, here’s an easier read of eight! 

  1. Flexibility – You can strategize and make a plan, but you need to be adaptable too. As a business owner, you learn as you move forward and the weather changes along your road as well, so being open to recalculating the course is key. 
  2. On – Making time to work “on” the business can be challenging. In the early days, I was consumed with working “in” the business, but working “on” it is how we grow, in multiple ways such as better processes, more clients, etc.
  3. Organization – As business owners, we wear many hats. Organization is one of the tools to make it all happen. That includes knowing what you should work on, what your team should work on, and what you should outsource. 
  4. Delegation – You knew this was on the list, right? It connects with “organization” since you need to spread the weight on and off your shoulders so the working “on” the business time can be created and everyone can do what they are best at doing. 
  5. Time – There’s never enough of it. That’s just the way it is. Prioritizing what needs to happen this week, today, this morning … re-adjusting the priorities as well. There are many days that my list in the morning gets restructured for the afternoon since I need to be adaptable to the needs of my clients and my team. I also realize the need for time away from work – that actually makes me more effective. 
  6. Bus – You’ve heard it before: you need the right people in the right seats on the bus. So very true, and even more so as you grow. Many lessons learned here, but when you have an amazing team, it all comes together! 
  7. Care – I’m a bit of a nurturer, and I’m happy to be that way. It’s important to me that my team feels cared about and that they know I’m with them however they need me. 
  8. Money – I debated about including this one, but let’s be transparent … I realize there are some business owners that are wealthy, and then there are business owners that totally fit this description from Marcus Lemonis, “Small business owners risk everything – not for nothing, but not for much.” I fall into the latter category, and I’m okay with that. 

The Juice door was in front of me in 2008, and I didn’t feel ready at that time. That door presented itself again in 2009, and I said, “okay, God, I get it.” From where I am now, I can look back knowing He knew where we were heading and I can look forward knowing He’s got this. 

My thanks to each person who gave me words of wisdom and/or was a sounding board for me, to each person on the Juice team, to each referral partner, and to each and every client throughout the years. The Juice door is open, and we are excited to continue this amazing journey with you!