New Year. New You. Right? It can happen. We can have the life we desire, but we need to be intentional.

Robin Lavitch, from Surpass Your Goals came in for a personalized session with our team. Along with being employees of Juice, we are also: sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, neighbors, partners, etc. … we wear many hats and everything those hats entail can knock our world out of balance.

Let’s start by figuring out how we want our lives to look. Back up from there.

For example. You want to lose 20 pounds. No problem, the first week 5 pounds melt away, the diet is fresh, new, exciting. You have changed everything, the way you eat, the way you work out. Then what? Valentine’s day dinners, candy, drinks … now we are 22 pounds away from the goal. Just a hypothetical, of course.

What Robin suggested is to be intentional, break it down so you aren’t looking at one big 20 pound weight loss where you need to change your entire world. Be realistic. Let’s say June 1 is the 20 pound goal. If you start on Jan. 1, you have five sold months to lose 20 pounds. 20/5 = 4. Now that doesn’t require shifting the earth’s axis to attain. Four pounds is now only one pound a week. Seriously, that is 3,500 calories. Burn or cut or both?!

Here is a simple graphic with some examples to help you gauge.

From here is some great info for arming yourself with knowledge for a weightless win.

Here are the takeaways that may help you as well …

– We make a plan. We hold ourselves accountable to this plan by doing check-ins.
– Vision boards are a great reminder of why we are making choices that align with our plan.
– Celebrate victories (not by sabotaging the plan, of course).
– Find a partner. Everything is better when shared (even ice cream).
– Make it a positive. Stop your mindset of suffering and change it to succeeding.

This works for EVERYTHING. From finances, attitude adjustments (yes, I will be more patient), career goals … EVERYTHING.

Thank you, Robin, for showing us how to plan with intent. Thank you, Joyce, for investing in your team enough to know that each of our wins outside of the office only make us more successful in the office.