Before holiday season arrives, it’s beneficial to strategize for the new year. Last year, I shared my word of the year with you and how it encapsulates my goals for the upcoming year serving as a reminder so I stay focused on those goals.


My word for 2017 has been clarity. From a business perspective, one way that clarity showed itself was through the reshaping of Juice. We now have four key team players and six others who supply additional support as needed so we can adjust accordingly to the flow of projects. It was an important step for us to take.


My word for 2018 is hope. I first came across this possibility in August and discarded it, but it kept presenting itself to me. Because the word “hope” can sometimes translate into hopefulness without the action to back it up, I swayed away from it initially. As I kept coming around to the word over and over again, I started to see its strength as well.

Important psychological studies show that ability is important, but it’s the vehicles that actually get people where they want to go. Oftentimes, the vehicles even help you build up that ability you never thought you had. And hope—with its will and ways—is one of the most important vehicles of them all. –Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D, The Wills and Ways of Hope

Hope can be seeing the positive results that will occur when there’s focus, dedication and drive. That’s my kind of hope for 2018, and I look forward to seeing how it helps guide and shape my upcoming year.


I’ve had business acquaintances share with me their interest in taking on their own word for the year and how well that worked for them. I challenge you to do the same! Learn more about choosing your word and focus for the year, as well as some of my past words, by clicking here.

Here’s to a strong finish for 2017 and an incredibly successful 2018 for each of us.