The Surfer and the Sage: A Guide to Survive and Ride Life’s Waves

Juice team - we read books together!

Have you read The Surfer and the Sage: A Guide to Survive and Ride Life’s Waves? The Juice team finished this motivating book together that gives you two similar yet different perspectives on some of the world’s hardest moments. Swim through a preview of the book from the quotes below that we found most wonderful!

Top Questions about Social Media

top social media questions

Social media still comes with a lot of questions. Here are the top questions we receive about social media. Does my business need to be on social media? The short answer is yes. It helps you stay top of mind with the people you already know (those who like/follow you), and through ads/boosts, it helps […]

Award-Winning Designs 2023

Award-Winning Designs: the 2023 Edition It’s our pleasure helping clients look their best! It’s a plus winning awards for doing so too. On that matter, Juice is pumped to announce that we have received FOUR 2023 American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA! Agile In-Home Care logo To connect with potential clients who need in-home […]

Create a plan #goals

Create a Plan #goals  Ready for the new year? It’s important and helpful to create a plan to accomplish your goals. Let’s take a look at some simple ways you can take action.  Write down your goals — this can hold you more accountable. Put it in multiple places: on your fridge, your desk, your […]

Juice’s Month of 3

Joyce pictured with her blog post

Ride along with me as I touch on Juice’s month of three: Celebrating another Juice birthday Reflecting on the year Being grateful Juice’s 14th birthday! As many business owners probably feel, it seems like a long journey that happens so quickly. We celebrate the achievements, recognize the challenges, and learn from each step along the […]

Inspiring Workspaces

art on the wall in your workspace

Make your workspace work for you! Over the summer, I attended a workshop with hosts, Liz Gilbert and Rob Bell. I was already a Liz Gilbert fan – you may know her too since she was portrayed by Julia Roberts in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” But Rob Bell was new to me. While there, […]

3 Guideposts to Social Media from a Graphic Designer’s POV

guideposts for social media from a designer's point of view

Social media can become so over saturated and overwhelming. What colors, themes, imagery, or wording do I use? When do I post? How often? The questions can go on and on … Follow along with me, Juice’s graphic designer, for some guideposts to social media. We’ll take it one step at a time and help […]

Drop Anchor

anchor marketing

What’s an anchor? An anchor is a heavy weight that connects a boat to the land below the water so it is secured from drifting. An anchor can also be someone/something that gives you support — an anchor in your life. There are many definitions for the word anchor, but let’s focus on the marketing […]

Mid-year Check-in Questions

Surprise! It’s almost July. Weren’t we celebrating the new year yesterday? Did it sneak up on you, too? Funny how that happens. Don’t sweat it! So many factors in our lives are out of our control. Here are some check-in questions to help you do a mid-year review and reset. What things are you most […]

The Gift: 14 Lessons to Save Your Life

Juice team - we read books together!

Have you read The Gift: 14 Lessons too Save Your life? The Juice team just finished this heartfelt book together by a 95 year old holocaust surviver, Edith Eger. Jump into a preview of the book through the quotes below that we found most moving.