word of the year for 2023 - fly (pic of swallows flying)

The self-created box ... aka comfort zone

Our true nature is to stay within our comfort zones where we deem it safe. Our minds tend to like the familiar even if it is time to spread our wings. The word “fly” reminds me to not be constrained by my self-created box – in work and in life. So there you have it, my word for 2023.


After claiming my word for next year, I was reminded about an artist I admire. I have been a fan of Kelly Rae Roberts for quite a long time and have some of her work in my home. She is known for encouraging us to be possibilitarians – what a great word she created! Her work provides inspiration to get still and have peace but also to explore and take flight. 

Look up

And after reading the latest issue of the Magnolia Journal, I’ll share this quote from Joanna Gaines that coincides so well with the word “fly.”

Look up. See what you see. And let what inspires you take flight. -Joanna Gaines

Let's fly

May your new year be filled with glimpses outside of your box … places where you want to fly, figuratively and literally. And then, fly!