Consistency Creates Results

Consistency Creates Results

We all know how important consistency is in our lives – from exercise to eating healthy to sleep and more. Consistency is also important in our businesses – from returning calls to follow-through to marketing and more.

“Consistent action creates consistent results.”

This quote is applicable to so many areas of marketing, because consistency creates results. It is also one of the reasons clients utilize an agency. When you review your incredibly long to-do list, items such as email marketing often fall to the bottom of the list, then get moved to tomorrow, to next week … you get the idea. I understand – I move items like that on my own list.

I'll Just Do It Myself

How do you end this cycle, so you do something for your business that you know is beneficial? You outsource.

In my own business, I once thought I would do the bookkeeping. I have a degree in mathematics. Why not, right? You may already know where this is going, but guess who kept postponing it month after month? Me. Just because I’m good at math doesn’t mean I enjoy reconciling much less have the time for it.

Let’s circle back to your company’s email marketing. You know what you want to say. Setting up emails is doable. So just do it yourself. But you know, it keeps falling off your list.

Your Accountability Partner

You need an email marketing accountability partner, because consistency creates results. Whether you choose me or know another great agency that can help you, do it. Take email marketing off your plate, breathe better knowing you are not missing this opportunity, and get on with the projects and items on your list that only you can do.

Oh, and by the way, you know how I talked about outsourcing my bookkeeping? The bookkeeper became a Juice client! More about that next month.