3 Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Better

A Better Wordpress Website

A popular question I receive … what’s one thing I can do to make my WordPress website better? You’re in luck because I’m going to give you three! 😊

1. Get ADA Compliant

This may sound more difficult than it is, but thankfully, companies like UserWay provide WordPress sites with a simple plugin. Your big decision will be which to choose: their starter option (free) or the full-compliance option (paid). Learn more here: https://userway.org/compare.

2. SEO Your Pages

Each page, post, product, etc. of your website has a special section to add meta tags and titles so you can be more effective in online search results. In the WordPress world, we like the Yoast plugin with their easy red light, yellow light, and green light system. Learn more here: https://yoast.com.

3. Update Those Plugins & Themes

Your WordPress website uses a theme to give it structure when the site is designed. In addition, it uses plugins for forms, for Yoast (just mentioned), for quick caching, and more. Themes and plugins get updated by their developers on a regular basis, but they expect you to perform the updates on your own site (or at least use the “enable auto-updates” setting).

So, there you have it, three ways to make your WordPress website better. And of course, if Juice can be of help, please let us know. We’d be happy to assist!

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