Make Memorable Connections: Say Thank You

Thank You Note 052421

Thank you means so much. When you thank someone verbally, via text, or in an email, it’s a nice gesture, but when you send a thank you note, it means so much more.

Let’s take gift giving as an example … Have you ever mailed a gift to someone and never heard from them at all? Compare that to how you felt when you mailed a gift to someone and they sent you a thank you note. I’m always impressed and touched when I receive a thank you note. But, I am always surprised and saddened when a gift is not acknowledged in any way.

Giving a gift comes from my heart and knowing that someone appreciated the present is a gift back to me. -Joyce

Thank You Notes in Business

Let’s extend this into the business realm. We have a Juice client who thoughtfully sends a note in the mail after we meet in person, thanking me for my time. It is so unexpected that it makes a strong impact.

Recently, I had lunch with a client / referral partner, and he graciously picked up the tab. I made sure within the next 24 hours to send a thank you note to him. I wanted him to know that what he did was appreciated.

Thank you notes from friends and family touch our hearts, so why not continue that into our business lives and create a deeper connection? There will always be those times when a handwritten note is the best approach, but then there also are ways you can send a thank you note in a streamlined way. At Juice, we have our Touchpoint program’s thank you line. With Touchpoint, you select the card or postcard you like, and we send it to your customers or contacts. For example, a mortgage loan officer can send us their list of closings from the prior month, and we can send the thank you card to each of his customers that recently closed. That same concept works in many industries.

Thank Someone Today

So, if you haven’t sent a handwritten thank you note in a while, take a moment to think about who you could thank. Think outside of the box in terms of what to thank people for in your business world too. There are more people we can thank than we actually do! And if Juice can help you with a streamlined thank you program, please reach out. We’d love to help you send along your thanks!