When something becomes popular, such as claiming your word for the year, I tend to deviate my course. I went through that internal conversation for my 2020 word, but obviously, choosing a word won. 🙂

2020: The Current Year

Take time to evaluate your current year before you set your intention for the new year. I say that with the following caveat in mind …

Keep yesterday in the back seat, sweetie. That way you can still see it, but it can’t touch the controls.
—Your Aunt Lola
(a fictional character created by British writer, Deborah McKinlay)

Considering the year we have experienced, my word RISE for 2020 ended up being an interesting choice. Rise is something that many of us have needed to do throughout the year and continue to do so in the days remaining. Even I’m still working to rise: create beneficial habits in my life, focus on the one next thing to achieve my goals, and rise with positivity and abundance. May we all maximize the moments that remain in 2020.

2021: Selecting the Word

For the first time ever, I had to decide between multiple words for the upcoming year. As this will be my eighth time claiming a word for the year, I was surprised by that predicament. Where did I land? APPRECIATE.

Appreciate: it reminds me to be thankful for those in my life, where I am today, the opportunities that exist, and the blessings I have experienced and continue to receive.

Appreciate: it also means to increase in value … not only increase the value we provide to our Juice clients, but also increase the abundance, peace and positive habits in my own life.

Appreciate: it means to be fully aware. I view that as seeing the opportunities, being conscious of the abundance I already have, and realizing the next one thing where I should put my focus.

No doubt, each of those could be elaborated on even more, but you get the idea. Let’s appreciate this word in all its many forms (pun intended). And may you select the one word that resonates your own intentions for 2021.

Select Your Word

If you need ideas on selecting your word, there are many online resources. One of my blog posts from years ago gives you some suggestions. You can also take ideas from Juice’s encouraging digital wallpaper.

Whatever you decide for your word for 2021, may it challenge you, help you focus, comfort when needed, and more. You decide!