Celebrating Eleven Years of Juice: The Steel Anniversary

Forged steel is created under extreme pressure. It forms a strong substance that is used to create all types of materials. As people and companies, we all undergo types of pressure through our journeys. I have. Juice has. You have. Your company has.

In reflecting on Juiceā€™s 11th birthday and steel being the material used to celebrate an 11th anniversary, here are some interesting facts.

  • Steel is used in construction because it maintains its shape while still being flexible.
  • It resists damage and is resilient.
  • Because of its durability, it is a better investment.
  • It can be more costly to build with steel. The key is finding the right person who is experienced using steel, so it is a worthwhile investment.

Most of us think of our companies that same way. We are strong, yet flexible. We are resilient and durable. We may be more costly, but our experience makes it a worthwhile investment.

As we turn 11 years old this month, we want to thank you for making us stronger. You have forged us into steel, and we are ever so grateful.

P.S. Throughout the days ahead, stay tuned for prizes, fun photos, and more!