Five Qualities of a Great Logo

Your Business Needs a Logo

Logos are the face of a company and the foundation of your brand identity. Some of the functions of a logo are to grab attention; to create a good first impression; to communicate brand values and additional meaning; and to distinguish you from the competition. But what makes a great logo? Let’s talk about the five key qualities of a great logo.

Five Key Qualities of a Great Logo

  1. Simplicity is a key element in logo design because most consumers only focus on a logo for a short period of time. The best logos are simple enough to be understood at a moment’s glance.
  2. Versatility refers to the portrayal of your logo through a variety of different mediums (be it digitally or physically). Good logo design must be suitable for mobile, web, and print of every shape and scale. Remember to consider how your logo may look on promotional items too. Another aspect of logo versatility is color: how will your logo work in one color, in reverse (light logo on dark background), etc.? It’s important to have a logo that’s easily adaptable to any situation.
  3. Next is relevance. Does your logo clearly communicate the brand’s personality and identity? Relevant design refers to how well your logo connects with the intended audience. Colors, fonts, and symbols are all key aspects in establishing a visual relevancy to logo design.
  4. Distinction: what sets you apart from the competition? How memorable is your logo at first glance? Consider creating distinction in your logo by utilizing design elements that fall outside current trends.
  5. Finally, a great logo is timeless. If your goal is to build a lasting company, your logo, likewise, should be designed to last. Avoid trends and hype trains. Timeless logos focus on quality over quantity and focus on simple elements that encapsulate your brand’s identity.

Every brand deserves a great logo. Now that you know the guidelines and qualities to look for, consider hiring Juice to transform your vision into reality! We’d love to help you bring your concept to life.