Encouraging Digital Wallpaper from Juice

At Juice, we have had the opportunity to give back to a variety of non-profits over our 10+ years, but we wanted to give back to everyone. Finally, we realized a beautiful way to do that — encouraging digital wallpaper! Not the kind you hang on your walls, but the kind you use for your computer monitor, your mobile phone, …

Thinking about the challenging times we are all dealing with right now, we wanted to share our first series of wallpaper designs as soon as possible.

These are for you. For free. And we hope you enjoy them!

The first series is about one word that resonates, gives you strength or hope, and is an ongoing reminder for you. Of course, we just had to do one based on the book the Juice team is reading together now. That’s the wallpaper that says, “everything is figureoutable.”

We invite you to download whichever digital wallpaper image(s) you like.
(Note for mobile users: search juicemktg on the imgur app -OR- download the mobile image from your computer)

Please invite friends and family to enjoy them. Be sure to come back for another design when you’re ready for a new wallpaper.

Stay on the lookout for more designs as we release them.

Be safe and stay well.