3 Reasons Why Feedback Matters

Asking your customers/patients/clients for feedback is an important piece in understanding their thoughts on your products and/or services. You can informally gauge how they feel, but getting hardcore data is priceless, and here’s why …

Reason #1

Make Your Customers Know They Are Important

If you’re taking the time to get their feedback, your customers learn that you care about them. That’s invaluable! This is one way to show them that you value their opinion.

Reason #2

Get Tangible Data to Make Improvements

The results from the feedback you get should start to show trends. Hopefully, the trends will show you what you are doing right as a company, but they can also uncover areas where your company needs to improve. Better to find out what those are sooner rather than later so you can make the necessary improvements.

Reason #3

Serve Your Clients Consistently

Just because your customers were happy with “product A” three years ago doesn’t mean they feel the same way today. Consistently getting feedback helps you grow with the needs of your clients.

An Improved Customer Experience

Feedback surveys help you monitor the pulse of your business from the client’s perspective. By analyzing the feedback and determining next steps, ultimately, it will provide an improved customer experience. I hope that sounds like a worthwhile goal to you!

When it comes to creating a survey, it’s helpful to have a limited number of questions and a balance between easy-answer questions and open-ended questions. At Juice, we recently created a feedback survey for our customers.

Our questions delve into what we really would like to know. For us, it boils down to … were you happy with our service/product, the project flow, and our communication.

We’ll share our questions with you as a case study.

Juice’s Six Easy-answer Questions

• How satisfied are you with your final product?
• How well do you feel we understood what you wanted?
• Did we contact you as often as you would have liked throughout the project?
• When we spoke with/emailed you, did we meet your expectation of professionalism?
• Did we clearly communicate expectations (that you can expect from us, and us from you) and the process we use to get your work done?
• Would you recommend Juice to another business, colleague, or friend?

Juice’s Two Open-ended Questions

• I like working with Juice because …
• One thing that Juice could improve upon is …

At the very end, there’s permission to use the provided feedback in our marketing as well.

Let Your Customers Know You Appreciate Them

Incorporating the feedback step may improve your customer retention. And even if your clients don’t have the time at that very moment to complete your survey, don’t worry, because they still appreciate that you asked them.

If you need help creating the survey that would work best for your company, Juice can help with the wording as well as creating the online form your customers would complete. We’re here to help you (and then we’ll send you our survey).