Email Marketing: Planning Your Campaign – Part Two

In my previous post, I covered some of the basics of email marketing. We covered goals, audience and frequency. Now, we’ll cover the next steps in the development of your email marketing campaign. Composing Your Message Since we’ve already determined a goal and audience for your email campaign, we can focus on the content. The […]

Email Marketing: Planning Your Campaign – Part One

Planning is a crucial step in any marketing campaign. When it comes to email marketing, proper planning can lead to a significantly higher percentage of email opens, click-throughs, and actions taken. You’re likely to hear varying opinions about the relevance of email marketing in today’s marketplace, but email remains an effective, efficient and low-cost method […]

The Big Picture – Developing Your Brand

The term “brand” seems to have become a bit of a buzz word lately. And for good reason. It’s easier than ever to reach potential customers. We’re surrounded by advertising messages every day, so you need a well-defined brand to help set your business apart from your competition. What is Branding? A brand is a set of marketing and […]

Five Ways to Juice Up Your Marketing Plan

Depending on the products and services you offer, it’s likely that business slows down during certain times of the year. For some, it’s summer and for others, it’s winter. Whenever it hits, the off-season can be viewed as both a blessing or a curse. Sure, you’d prefer to be hitting consistent sales numbers all year long, but […]

Direct Mail – Targeted vs. EDDM

Direct mail campaigns usually fall into one of two categories—those that use a client database and/or purchased mailing list, or those that use the US Post Office’s EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) service. What’s the difference between the two? I’m glad you asked! Targeted Direct Mail Just like mailing out your holiday cards, with a […]

Direct Mailing – Make a Great First Impression

In my previous blog about direct mailing, I discussed the role that timing plays for your mailer to go straight from the mailbox to your recipients’ eyes. Now, let’s talk about the design of your mail piece. Along with timing, this is a crucial aspect in not only getting your audience to keep your postcard, […]

Direct Mailing – A Worthy Pursuit

The other day, I received a postcard for a dentist nearby advertising for new patients. It just so happens that I’m looking for a new dentist, and I was planning to do some research and make an appointment after the holidays. This got me thinking about the value of a good, old-fashioned, direct mail campaign […]