Direct Mail – Targeted vs. EDDM

Direct mail campaigns usually fall into one of two categories—those that use a client database and/or purchased mailing list, or those that use the US Post Office’s EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) service. What’s the difference between the two? I’m glad you asked!

Targeted Direct Mail

Just like mailing out your holiday cards, with a targeted direct mail campaign you use a mailing list to determine who will receive your mailer. You can use your own database to reach current or previous customers, or you can purchase a mailing list to reach new customers within a certain area or with certain demographics. Just like your holiday cards, the address of each recipient is printed on the mail piece so the mail carrier knows where to deliver it.     

Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM provides a simple, cost-effective way to distribute your message without a mailing list and at a reduced postage rate. Rather than using a mailing list, you select mail routes based on location and (limited) demographic data. When a mail carrier delivers mail on that route, he includes your mailer in every mail box.

The mailing list (or lack thereof) and the cost of postage are the main differences between the two options. Either method will get your message in mailboxes, but each method has its advantages.

With targeted direct mail you can get very specific about who does and does not receive your mailer. If you want to target residents in a couple of specific apartment complexes or do a campaign with personalized variable data, then you’ll need to use a targeted list for your mailing.

The advantage of EDDM basically comes down to cost. You can significantly reduce the cost of your mail campaign by eliminating the need to purchase a mailing list and by taking advantage of the special low EDDM postage rates.

Which option is right for your mailing?

To determine which is the best option for your mailing, consider how targeted you need your mailing to be and how much room you have in your budget for postage and a mailing list purchase. If you have questions about what option is best for you, give us a call with some specifics about your campaign. We’ll be happy to help!