enjoyment from getting snail mail

Snail mail lives, and here’s why ... 

  1. Even if you don’t fully read the mail, you often scan it which still makes an impact.
  2. Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails (reports the Data & Marketing Association).
  3. It takes 21% less cognitive effort to process direct mail than email (according to Canada Post). And in our opinion, this helps fulfill the KISS approach!

The statistics go on and on, but you get the idea.

You can also maximize your approach with the combination of snail mail and email. For example, an HBR study shows a 49% increase in sales and 125% in inquiries from customers who received both emails and catalogs.

Due to its cost-effectiveness, email will remain a viable delivery channel. Just make sure you balance it with some snail mail.

3 Ways to Make Snail Mail Work for You 

  1. What I call soft marketing … a piece that is solely to help people remember you and is not focused on selling. Our Touchpoint program does that with a wide variety of designed cards and postcards to build your mailing strategy. With the holidays approaching, this is also an easy way to do your holiday cards since we print and mail them for you too!
  2. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) means that you select the optimal postal routes and everyone on that route gets your mailer. Why is this so great? Because you get to view some key demographics (for free) to select the routes you want to target AND postage is at a fraction of the cost. We help you by designing, printing, bundling, preparing the forms, and delivering them to the post office locations for your chosen routes.
  3. There are times when it may be logical to purchase a mailing list to target a certain industry, etc. Thankfully, we have worked with a reputable mailing list provider for over a decade to provide this beneficial info for our clients. Then we take it from there: designing the mailer, printing, stuffing (if applicable), addressing, and mailing.

With a new calendar year about to start, take the time in fourth quarter to think through and strategically plan 2023. And if snail mail is part of that, we would be honored to help.