Subject Matter Expert –> Website Content

website content

The phrase “subject matter expert” has been around for quite a while, and it is still relevant. On your website, this translates into what we call content.

So let’s talk about website content … Your website pages may change once in a while, but hopefully, you have blog posts that keep getting added to your website on a regular basis. Each time you add another blog post to your website, you are building content

Why bother writing good website content?

  1. Writing good website content reflects well on you and your company. It shows that you are a reliable resource. The result … people follow and trust you. And that’s good business. It may start a conversation. It may create a new lead. It may result in a sale.

  2. Providing worthwhile content makes you more visible due to our friend, Seo (search engine optimization). Over time, content wins.

  3. With the results from your website’s analytics, you can see which of your website pages/posts draw the most views. Prioritize that content.

  4. Also from your analytics, you can get an overview of your audience’s demographics. This insight into their needs helps you offer them beneficial content.

I could go on, but bottom line, blog posts are a simple and organic way to show up in the world. Be today’s online subject matter expert: invest in good content.

Remember, we love creating content, so reach out when you need us!