How Well Do You Know the Rules of Online Marketing?

As you promote your business online, it can be difficult to keep up with what feels like an ever-changing set of guidelines or rules. So, we thought we’d share a quick quiz to help you gauge how well you’re dialed in when it comes to your online marketing practices. Choose True or False below, then keep scrolling to see how you did.

1. T or F: If I find a great picture on Google, Facebook, or other online source, I can use it in my company’s marketing.

2. T or F: When I post online, it should ALWAYS have a call to action to encourage people to buy my product or sign up for my service.

3. T or F: Everyone who likes/follows my business Facebook page always sees my post.

4. T or F: I may add anyone’s email address to my newsletter mailing list, especially if they are someone I have spoken to or emailed in the past.

How Did You Do?

All of the statements above are false. But that doesn’t mean it’s obvious why! Here’s a more in-depth look at each item to help you move forward in confidence.

1. Just because a photo or graphic is on the internet, does not mean it is free for anyone to use. Should you use a graphic or image without obtaining proper licensing or permission, you may find yourself in legal trouble. In order to use a photo or graphic online or in your marketing materials, you must purchase or own the licensing. At Juice, we purchase licensed images for all of our clients’ marketing materials unless they already own the licensing.

2. There are definitely times when you want to have a clearly defined call to action for your clients and customers. Your website, for example, should have an easy-to-follow call to action. But when you are posting multiple times a week online, using the same language over and over to encourage action can become wearying to your followers. Instead, build a well-rounded online marketing presence.

The goal of your social media is to connect with your audience. You can, and should, continue to have a strong call to action on some of your posts. But be sure to balance this out with other types of posts to provide extra value to your followers, no strings attached.

3. Not everyone who likes or follows your business account (or even your personal accounts!) online will see what you post. This is because of platform algorithms. The algorithm is an analysis tool which evaluates your content and determines its estimated relevance to your audience. Your content is then served up to some of your followers who may be more likely to engage with it.

Additionally, many platforms give precedence to those who “pay to play.” That is, if you have paid to boost your content, you will have a higher reach than if you allow it to reach your followers organically.

4. It may be tempting to add any contact’s email address to your email list, but beware! You must have a person’s expressed permission to add them to your mailing list; if you don’t, you run the risk of getting booted from your email newsletter platform for violating the rules. Check email regulations and your platform’s guidelines, but a good strategy is to make sure each contact has the ability to “opt in” or not. For example, this means they should add their information to your signup form online or have the opportunity to tell you directly that they would like to opt in.

The goal of your email list is to reach the audience who really wants to hear from you. They are more likely to engage. Don’t waste your time adding others to your email list who may not even want to be there in the first place. Focus your energy on communicating well and providing valuable content to those who want to hear from you instead.

Moving Forward

Now that these things are on your radar, you can make better-informed decisions to improve your business’s online presence and social media outreach.

If this is an area where you struggle or if you don’t have the energy to manage your business’s online marketing, contact Juice. We have many customizable social media and email marketing plans, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Call Joyce at 727-386-8611 to get started.