Stand-out Social Media: Residential Cleaning

We all realize it’s important for our businesses to be well-represented on social media. But for many business owners, a great social media presence falls low on the list of priorities simply because it’s hard to find the time to put together an effective plan. It doesn’t have to be this way, though!

Fight overwhelm by setting a timer for a specific amount of time. Then brainstorm. A helpful question to keep in mind is, “If I were a potential follower or client, what would I want to see from this business?” Be bold enough to try new things and embrace creativity to stand out.

Sometimes it’s helpful to see how this might play out in real life before making it specific to your business. So here’s a look at how we might brainstorm content for an industry that, at first glance, may not seem overtly exciting or interesting: residential cleaning!

Here are three things a residential cleaning company might add to their social media plan to stand out.

1) Before and After Photos and Videos

Everybody loves a transformation story! And that’s exactly what before-and-after photos or videos show. When your residential cleaning team arrives at a home, snap a quick picture of an area they’ll clean before getting started. Then, either take several very short (think 20 seconds or less!) videos of the cleaning taking place or snap some photos along the way. Remember to show off the end result too. Share it all—with permission from the client, of course—on the social media platform best suited for the type of content that was collected.

The payoff is great. In a world that feels chaotic at times, many followers may enjoy visiting a page like this simply to watch the satisfying content. Even if they aren’t immediately planning on booking a service, followers will remember your residential cleaning company for when they need it!

2) Expert Tips and Tricks

If you have a business, you are an automatic expert because your industry is where you spend much of your time and focus. You know the best techniques, the best time-saving hacks, and the best step-by-step processes for getting the job done.

When you share great content that your followers find helpful, they begin to see you as a friend and guide instead of just another business shouting from the ether. This gives you more credibility.

And don’t worry about sharing too much! As long as people are enjoying the content, even those who prefer doing their own housecleaning will think of those they follow online when they have a need. They might not require regular services, but specialty offerings might be what they need for themselves or to give as gifts. So staying top of mind with quality content is key!

3) Favorite Products and Partnerships

Share your love for the products you use all the time or for other businesses that dovetail with yours. Be creative and generous with your clients and other businesses.

Residential cleaners might pair well with a meal-prep business or a massage therapist who offers in-home massage. Offer giveaways with other partners to make a huge impact. Put together a themed gift basket with your favorite products for holiday giveaways or to celebrate milestones. If you really love a product or other service, look into becoming an affiliate. Share the love!

While it requires time set aside to brainstorm content for your business’s social media channels, in the long run this is time well-spent. Using social media effectively will help you reach the clients you actually want. They are the clients who want to work with you and are excited to share their excellent experiences. So think of that effort as a way to plant seeds for the future of your business.

Remember, the end goal is not just to get lots of likes or comments on a post. It’s to build a highly-engaged base of followers-turned-clients who love spreading the word about your business or product. They’re the ones who will help you keep your business thriving.