Rolling into Fourth Quarter Like …

Fourth quarter is almost here. If you are like many businesses in 2020, the standard flow of the year did not occur. Most of us know when to expect crazy busy, steady, and quiet moments in the cycle of our businesses. This year threw that right out of the window!

3 Ideas to Get You Thinking

  1. Think about what worked well during the fourth quarter of PRIOR years. Considering today’s environment, do you see that as a viable approach/opportunity? Or do you need to tweak, supplement, or totally adjust to make it even better? Work on that now!
  2. Think back on the second and third quarter of THIS year. What resonated with your customers/clients? How could that be utilized in fourth quarter? Bring that to life now!
  3. Think about the goals you made for 2020. What are the top three goals that you need to make happen by the end of the year? What would it take for you to achieve those? Create your plan of attack now!

If you want to follow those kids in the picture, be silly and put your watermelon helmet on; but seriously, put your thinking cap on and get started. Pull that pen and paper out, ask yourself those questions, write it all down, and determine what direction you will take. We want you to look back on fourth quarter knowing you did everything you could to close the year strong.

Oh, and if you need help on the marketing front, put us to work for you. We would love to help!