In today’s world, consideration of others is a valuable commodity. With that in mind, I give you: the love business.

1. Listen

Whether you are across the table from a client, on the phone with a customer, or reading an email, listen. Be there for the person who is communicating with you so you can hear what they are saying and what they need.

2. Be mindful

Take a moment before responding. Make sure you answer the questions asked, explain information in a clear way, and speak when needed. By focusing on their needs, you can impart wisdom without overtalking.

3. Practice kindness

From a handwritten thank you note to a card to a client who underwent surgery to a thoughtful follow-up on a project, make kindness part of how you do business.

4. Be thankful

Appreciate your clients and customers. You can use a gratitude journal, pray for your clients, and/or share client stories of gratefulness with your team.

5. Find the positive

Moments, days, weeks, and more may be challenging, but keep on finding the positive. Think about what is working, remember your strengths, and consider paths that utilize both of those.

6. Bring closure

There will be times when you have the best of intentions but those may not be accepted by another. If it’s logical and possible to course correct, do it. If that is not an option no matter how much time and effort you give the situation, it may be time to bring closure.

I greatly appreciate Iyanla Vanzant’s quote:

Bring closure – put a period to – those experiences that you don’t want to carry on forever and ever. Use commas in those places where you’re still growing … and use exclamation points at the end of every lesson.

Hopefully, there are other ideas that come to mind as well so that you can join in the love business! Let the authentic you shine through, be open, and share your passion.

May Valentine’s Day be a time of appreciating your friends and family, but I encourage you to make it a day to love business too.