Top 10 Reasons We Love What We Do

10. Giving back – we love the opportunity to help non-profits make a difference. Through the years, we’ve worked with 20+

charities providing them with pro bono work or in-kind donations. In addition, we’ve been honored to provide discounts on graphic design and print work for many other non-profits. The first time Juice’s logo was on the back of a charity event t-shirt as a sponsor was a thrill, and each time thereafter continues to put big smiles on our faces!

9. The passion of business owners – we love learning about why you started your company, what makes your business unique, and uncovering ways to help you stand out in a noisy world. Thank you for entrusting us in your goal toward making a difference in your industry!

8. The ever-changing world of marketing – we love building our services to support all that you need from us. We started building websites six years ago, and on average, we build 20 sites a year. I may not have envisioned having half our company focused on online engagement, but I’m happy to say that we love building websites, implementing social media strategies, and email marketing. We look forward to all that is to come!

7. The art of it all – we love the use of words and images, we love bringing all the elements together, and we love creating more than you had hoped for when you shared with us what you wanted. You give us the ability to put our creativity to work for you, and we are so grateful!

6. The relationships – we love working with you, our clients, our referral partners, and our vendors. We value you, we respect you, and we thank you!

5. Surpassing your expectations – we love providing you with what you need, when you need it, and whenever possible, before you need it. It thrills us to hear your positive feedback, and we all share in the kudos you send our way time and time again.

4. Community – we love being a part of a highly respected and professional networking group, being in an industry-specific association, being on the board of directors, being an officer within an organization, being on committees, being a part of Leadership Pinellas, and being in this amazing community.

3. Being stretched – we love the growth that comes from being a small business. Yes, it can be extremely challenging. Yes, it can result in bitten fingernails at times. Yes, it does keep us on our toes. But … it is an amazing opportunity, and personally, it has built upon my work as a teacher, my time in the corporate world, and my own skills and management, much more than I would have anticipated. This journey has pulled me (sometimes by my ponytail) further outside of my box.

2. Critiquing – we love perfecting each piece we work on for you. Before you even see a proof, we review it internally – we tweak and modify it until we are ready to show you that initial proof. Then your constructive feedback as our client is so beneficial – it helps us perfect what we gave you to become exactly what you need. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are pleased with the final product and that your customers/clients are motivated by it. The critiquing part of the design process is a necessity that moves your marketing to its best. We encourage you to feel comfortable sharing your feedback with us.

1. Our team – we love working together for you! Over the years, the Juice team has changed. Each person was a part of our journey and our story. From the initial team to the Juice core we are today, it’s been important to empower our team and embrace our responsibilities. From our fun scavenger hunts to celebratory lunches to reading books together to our own set of emojis and everything in between, being a part of the Juice team has been my honor and privilege.

My thanks to every client, referral partner, Juice team member, contractor, vendor, friend, and family member who has been a part of our story. We are thankful for your support, and we are blessed to be on this journey with you. We are grateful for 10 years of helping you.