Global Leadership Summit 2019 Takeaways

The Global Leadership Summit 2019 brought in speakers that reminded us that we all have influence. The takeaways this year were numerous, and here are some from my five favorite speakers – I hope they resonate with you.

Craig Groeschel – Maximize

  • GETMO – Good Enough To Move On – Maximize your time for the result. Often adding a little more time to a project will create noticeable results, but adding too much time doesn’t always do the same. Make it good enough to move on – GETMO.
  • Look at problems as opportunities for creative ideas.

Liz Bohannon – Dream Small

  • When we dream big, we can be overwhelmed and not even start.
  • Instead focus on a small dream (one small step toward the big dream), so it becomes doable and launches you into movement.
  • Launch out of waiting and into creating.

Jason Dorsey – Generations

  • Parenting, technology and geography are the top three elements that shape generations.
  • Millenials / Gen Y (1977-1995) – They are the largest generation in the workforce today and are reaching life goals later than prior generations. Gen Y is splitting into two smaller groups based on their approach to life: Mega-llenials and Me-llenials.
  • Gen Z (1996-?) – They saw their parents struggle in the recession so they have become savers and practical with their money.
  • Actions to take as a leader of Gen Y and Z:
    • Provide specific examples in picture and/or video of the performance you expect since language is generational and results in gaps of understanding.
    • Remember they are outcome driven, not step driven – they want to know what the outcome needs to be, and then they’ll do what’s needed to get there.
    • Frequently give them quick hits of feedback.

Chris Voss – Negotiating Using Emotional Intelligence

  • Hear the other side out
  • Acknowledge any elephants in the room
  • Say, “that’s right” to encourage the dialogue instead of “you’re right” which implies you want them to stop talking
  • Ask, “how” because it triggers in-depth thinking

Todd Henry – Creative Teams

  • Stability and Challenges
    • Give stability by providing clarity and effective boundaries in a protected environment.
    • Provide challenges – speak courage into them and unleash them to do their best work.
  • Four quadrants
    • Top left – low stability & too much challenge results in anger
    • Bottom left – low stability and not enough challenge results in feeling lost
    • Bottom right – high stability and not enough challenge results in feeling stuck
    • Top right – the right balance of stability and challenge results in each person thriving!
  • Loosen your grip – your job isn’t to do the work, it’s to lead the work. You want to unleash your team so that you don’t even need to be there for them to be effective.
  • As a leader, aim to provide freedom within limits.

The Superlatives

  • One of the funniest lines was from Jason Dorsey who said a “five-minute voice mail is like a podcast” to the younger generations.
  • One of the greatest items to remember was from Patrick Lencioni: “Constantly remind your team why we do what we do. You are their CRM – Chief Reminding Officer.”
May you continue to be inspired so you can inspire others, and always remember you are a force of influence!