Great Business Cards = Trustworthy Company

A business card is more than a way to introduce yourself – it’s a tool to make your business memorable from the very beginning. A professional, high-quality business card reassures clients and other professionals that you know what you’re doing and that they can trust you with their business.

When you want to make an incredible impression, give extra life to your cards by choosing an individualized printing element. Here are a few of our favorite choices that make your business cards look super high-end without the high-end cost.

Choose an uncommon size or shape.

  • Go large! Business cards don’t have to be the standard 3.5” x 2”. When yours is in a stack, making it slightly larger than the standard could set it apart from all the competition.
  • If you have a gentle, curvy aesthetic to your brand, think about utilizing rounded corners to tie everything together. 
  • Try a square business card to be really distinct! A 2” x 2” option looks spectacular and extra classy. Perfect for introducing yourself for the first time!

Use higher quality paper stock or a different paper style.

The higher the paper stock point, the thicker and weightier the paper. At Juice, our standard is 16 pt. which is thicker than most business cards you encounter, but there are also many other options that reflect quality.

  • For an incredibly luxurious touch, try 18, 20 or 32 pt. paper stock for your business cards.  
  • If you want your cards to be created for longevity, printing on plastic is a great option for you to consider. 
  • Consider other paper options such as brown kraft or natural paper (perfect for a creative feel). Each of these is just different enough to capture your client’s attention. 
  • Provide a glimmering essence to your cards. You can achieve this with a pearl finish, because the paper is embedded with pearl-like fibers.

Add a unique finish or other exciting extras.

  • If your logo or branding has a metallic element, add a foil accent in place of the metallic elements. With today’s printing, even colors besides silver and gold can have metallic finishes. 
  • Give your business cards dimension with shine. Opt for a spot UV treatment applied to your logo or name. Spot UV is a gloss effect added to specific areas to contrast against a matte finish.
  • Have people admire the feel of your business cards. With finishes such as silk or suede, people will notice the difference!
  • Make your business card a tactile experience. Raised treatments for spot UV or foil also add an interesting artistic element.
  • Print your cards with painted edges. With this option, the paper stock is extra thick to allow for a contrasting color to be painted around the edges. When your client looks at it from the side, they’ll see your vibrant brand color. 

Do you want to juice up your business cards? Email us or call today to discuss the options that might be the best fit for your business!