Touchpoint Testimonials

In a world where we’re moving at an intense speed, it’s nice to receive personal touches. One of the easy ways to implement a personal touch to your business is with Touchpoint. Available all year long, Touchpoint helps you reconnect with your clients through the use of mailed birthday cards, holiday greetings, seasonal reminders, and more.

As we approach Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s and the many holidays of this upcoming season, Touchpoint is a helpful way to take the holiday cards off your to-do list. Touchpoint also helps you create an impact all throughout the year!

You may be thinking, “Is it really worth it to mail cards when I could just do everything online?” The answer is a resounding “YES!” To hear more about why we feel this is important, check out our last blog: 3 Benefits of Physical Mailing.

We are privileged to provide Stella Valitutto with her holiday cards each year and her company’s thank you cards …

“You and your team are very good at what you do and I am always happy with the cards I receive.” –Stella Valitutto, CPA, Founder/Owner – CFO Connections

Throughout the year, we are honored to create, print and mail Touchpoint cards and postcards for many of our clients. Kathleen Williams is one of our valued clients who benefits from multiple mailings throughout the year. Here’s her story …

“I’ve been using Juice Marketing for my real estate business marketing for about 5 years now. Throughout the year, I do seasonal postcards to all my friends, family, vendors, and clients, just to keep in touch with them and, of course, “to keep my name in front of them” so that they remember my real estate services. At Christmas time, I do an attractive holiday card, which includes two easy-to-remove business cards (one of my most favorite marketing pieces!). I can honestly say, that every time I send out a mailing, it sparks at least one client (and sometimes more) to contact me about purchasing or selling real estate, or to send a referral my way! Needless to say, this is a definite return on my investment monies spent with Juice Marketing. Juice offers a variety of marketing choices as far as images and advertising. I often want to add my own touch to my real estate postcards, and they always turn my ideas into something fabulous and professional. My clients love and look forward to receiving my postcards! Juice has allowed me to easily keep in touch with my clients, market my real estate services and simplify my advertising duties, at an affordable price that fits my budget. My clients love and look forward to receiving my postcards and I LOVE & LOOK FORWARD to them returning to me, for all their real estate needs! Juice Marketing and Design has played a huge part in making this happen! You have made it very easy for me to keep up with marketing.” – Kathleen Williams, REALTOR®, GRI, MCNE, PSA, ABR – Roe Realty

Bring Touchpoint into your marketing strategy! Contact us at Juice, and we’ll help you make it happen.