I want to write a book; but where do I find the time???

Tiffanie_4_1_2_Networking_MistakesSince 2011, I wanted to write a book. I had the content in my head, as it was a presentation I did often – the 4 ½ Networking Mistakes, these are things that the networking experts TELL you to do.
I delivered the presentation for almost four years, so I just needed to get it down on paper.

Finally, in November of last year, I was ready to make it happen.

And, the book will be available on September 8 on Amazon!

As I have written a book, I have been recently asked several times for a few tips on writing a book while still working & living a life! Here are 3!

#1: Schedule time to write.

Many of us have very busy days and to find “extra” time to write, when there are other distractions, almost guarantees it will not happen. Put writing time in your calendar! An hour here (wake up a little early in the morning or write after the kids have gone to bed) or a chunk of time there (1st thing on Saturday morning or at a picnic table at the park) can add up over time.

AND nothing else can be done during that time … no phones, no emails, no distractions, no social media, no kids, no bathroom breaks! Well, I guess a potty break is acceptable.

#2: Set a goal.

Some people find that scheduling the time alone is enough. For me, what I found worked best was setting a goal of how many WORDS I wanted to write each day; I was much more focused and able to get it done.

Often, I would hit my word goal prior to the time I had set aside for writing, and when that happened, it was “bonus” time for me!

#3: Tell EVERYONE you are writing a book.

Then tell even more people! Set a date for when the book is going to come out. Then tell everyone that date!

The more people that know what you are working on, the more people you have asking on a daily basis, the more likely you are to make it happen!

Once I made the book a priority that was my focus!

These tips for writing my book worked for me …
P.S. These tips will work for any goal you have!

What tips do you have for accomplishing your goals? What goals are you currently working toward?

Note from Juice: We know you already want to purchase the book. Here’s the link to get yours!

Many thanks to our guest blogger, Tiffanie Kellog, author of “4 ½ Networking Mistakes – Maximize Your Networking Efforts by Avoiding Common Mistakes”
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