I’m a huge advocate of giving back in life – and in your business life too. If you already have embraced a charity in your working environment, I applaud you and urge you to continue! If you haven’t, I hope this encourages you to take that step.

There’s a personal benefit when we focus on others. You’ve probably heard people say that the act of helping someone else helped them too. Well, it’s true. Then combine that with charitable work within your business world, and more benefits show themselves. For one, you increase your presence in your community, and that’s very valuable. In addition, you have the opportunity to network and market your company to people you may never have had the chance to meet in any other venue.

Understanding the “Why”

Finding the right charity is important. As a company, you may select one or you may select a few. You may be part of a large company that makes the choice, or you may be part of a small company that lets you be part of the decision making.

Whatever the situation, the meaning behind your selection gives your company and its employees the spirit to be a part of the cause. As with many things in life, understanding the “why” makes it all the more meaningful.

When Juice Marketing and Design first started, we weren’t sure which direction to take with a charity. So instead, we took a different approach and offered one non-profit each month a certain amount of free graphic design services. By implementing that program, we established Juice’s charities while helping and meeting a lot of other great organizations along the way!

Ultimately, choosing a charity that’s personally relevant is a direction many companies take. That’s why Juice is donating graphic design services to Komen Suncoast Race for the Cure® this year. For me, it’s been a personal goal to see the fruit of that giving with our logo on the back of the Race’s shirt; and this year, we’re attaining that goal! In addition, I have a team called the Pink Army that’s formed under the small business category for the Race. It’s a wonderful way for Juice to make a difference in our small corner of the world.

CallOutQuoteComing Alive

This quote is a true reflection of how you should approach selecting the charity that’s right for your business life. I believe that the energy I have for the Race, through our marketing services for them and our Pink Army team, ripples through Juice. It thrills me that the Juice team is right there with me to be a part of what we support.

What we’re doing is a perfect example of an in-kind donation. There are many ways to support charities beyond financial contributions whether it’s your time, your services, your talent, or whatever may be needed. So if you or your company isn’t in a position to make a financial donation, don’t let that stop you. Find a way to give back another way. There are so many possibilities out there!

During the holidays, you see food drives, but food banks are always looking for contributions. If your company did a monthly or quarterly food drive, it’s a way to give back to your community and involve your employees throughout the year. There are telethons that volunteers could man the phone banks, there are home building projects, and the list continues, because there are endless possibilities.

We’re starting the second half of the year, so take some time and think about what’s important to you. What charity embodies that for you? Come alive with your charitable giving at work. It’ll be good for your community, it’ll be good for your company, and it’ll be good for you.